Simple Present Tense

The Simple Present это конструкция, которая показывает, что действие происходит в настоящем.

Эту конструкцию используют, когда хотят сказать о:

• Повторяющихся действиях или привычках;

• Фактах или вещах, которые истинны во все времена;

• Условиях (не действиях), имеющих место в данный момент.


Повторяющиеся действия или привычки

They travel every Sunday.

He goes to school by bike.

He always loses his papers.

They usually get a lot of fish.

They go to work every day.


Факты или вещи, которые истинны во все времена

Cows eat grass.

Paris is in France.

People sleep at night.

He is a good guy.

He is a policeman.

Условия (не действия), имеющие место в данный момент

This is a big ship.

She looks dangerous.

She likes him.

He thinks that she is pretty

They feel tired.

He has a car.


Типичные слова, с которыми употребляется









once a _______ (minute, hour, day, week, month, year, etc)

every _______ (minute, hour, day, week, month, year, etc)


Построение конструкции

Повествовательное предложение

Positive Sentences


Форма сказуемого

I verb    I run every day.
He/She/It verb + s    He runs every day.
   She runs every day.

   It rains every day.
You verb    You run every day


   We run every day
They    They run every day


Отрицательное предложение
Negative Sentences

Подлежащее Частица "do"

Форма сказуемого

I do not / don't verb    I don't run every day.
He/She/It does not / doesn't    He does not run every day.
   He doesn't run every day.
   She does not run every day.
   She doesn't run every day.
   It does not rain every day.

   It doesn't rain every day.
You do not / don't    You do not run every day.
   You don't run every day
We    We don't run every day.
They    They don't run every day.


Вопросительное предложение

Question Sentences

Частица "do" Подлежащее Форма сказуемого Пример
Do I verb    Do I run every day?
Does he/she/it    Does he run every day?
   Does she run every day?
   Does it rain every day?
Do you    Do you run every day?
we    Do we run every day?
they    Do they run every day?


Simple Present примеры предложений

Повторяющиеся действия или привычки

Bill jogs every day.

Bill never jogs.

Does Bill jog on Sundays?

Jane works hard.

Jane doesn't work hard at all!

Jim builds houses for a living.

What does Jim do for a living?

They play basketball every Sunday.

what time do you usually eat dinner?

Факты или вещи, которые истинны во все времена


London is in England.

London is not in France.

You can't live without water.

Can you live without water?

Sarah is a good girl.

When does it start snowing?

I speak French.

I don't speak Japanese.

Условия (не действия), имеющие место в данный момент

I agree.

Tom thinks it's a good idea.

They have a lot of money.

They don't have any money.

Do they have some money?

I feel so tired.

You are brilliant!

They don't need his help.


Simple Present Story 1

Who is he? Where is he? What does he do?

Hank is a cowboy. He lives on a farm. He has a horse named Ginger. Hank loves Ginger. He rides Ginger every day. Sometimes they walk slowly, and sometimes they run fast. They always have a good time.

Ginger is Hank's horse. She is light brown. Her tail and mane are dark brown. She is three years old. She lives in the stable by the house.

Ginger waits for Hank every morning. She enjoys their time together. Often, Hank gives her apples. After long rides, Hank always washes and brushes Ginger. He usually brushes her tail. Then he gives her food and fresh water. Ginger loves Hank.


Simple Present Story 2

Who are they? Where are they? What do they do?

Stacy is a singer. She loves to sing. She is in a band. She sings in the band. She is the lead singer. Sometimes she plays the piano.

Chad is Stacy's boyfriend. He is also in the band. He stands next to Stacy. He plays the electric guitar. Sometimes Chad sings with Stacy.

Dean is Chad and Stacy's friend. He is also in the band. He stands next to Chad. He plays bass guitar. Dean does not sing. He does not like to sing.

The band practices three times a week. They mostly perform at nightclubs. Sometimes they sing at weddings. They are a very good band.


Simple Present Story 3

Who is he? Where is he? What does he do?

Jim Sullivan likes music. He plays many instruments. He plays the piano, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, and bagpipes. The bagpipes are his favorite instrument to play. Not very many people play the bagpipes.

Jim plays the bagpipes for celebrations. He also plays the bagpipes in parades. The audience listens to the bagpipes. They clap for Jim. They enjoy the music of the bagpipes.

Jim also teaches people how to play the bagpipes. He gives lessons to children and adults. He teaches them the history of the bagpipes. He teaches them how to play music with the bagpipes. Jim is a good teacher.


Simple Present Story 4

Who is he? Where does he live? What does he do?

Robert Hughes lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives with his wife, Patricia. They live with their two children, Sam and Lana. Robert loves his family.

Robert works as a police officer in Atlanta. He likes his job. He is a good police officer. Robert is a police officer because he likes to help people.
Robert protects the citizens of Atlanta. He solves crimes and catches criminals. He keeps the citizens safe.

Sometimes he visits the schools. He talks to students. The students like Robert. Officer Robert Hughes is a hero in Atlanta.

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