Present Progressive Continuous Tense

The Present Progressive показывает, что действие находится в процессе в настоящем.

Оно применяется, когда хотят сказать о:

• Действиях, происходящих сейчас

• Действия, которые находятся в процессе в настоящее время

(Не прямо в этот момент, а в настоящем.

Например: в эти дни, в этом месяце, в этом году)

• Планируемых будущих действиях

• Раздражающих повторяющихся действиях


Действия, происходящие сейчас

The boy is running.

The phone is ringing.

They are talking.

Действия, которые находятся в процессе в настоящее время

This month they are practicing for a contest.

He is working in an office.

He is studying a lot these days.

They are fighting for their country.

Планируемые будущие действия

Tomorrow he is returning home.

She is meeting her friends tonight.

He is starting a new job in the morning.

She is traveling to Paris this afternoon.


Раздражающие повторяющиеся действия

She is always making a mess!

He is always causing trouble.

This guy is always smoking!


Типичные слова, с которыми употребляется

Сейчас Настоящее время Ближайшее будущее Раздражающие повторяющиеся действия
now these days this afternoon always
right now today tonight constantly
this moment this week next week  
  this month on Sunday  
  this year tomorrow  


Построение конструкции

Повествовательное предложение

Positive Sentences

Подлежащее Форма сказуемого Пример
I am  Participle(I)    I am reading now.
He/She/It  is  Participle(I)    He is reading now.
   She is reading now.

   It is raining now.
You are  Participle(I)    You are reading now.
We    We are reading now.
They    They are reading now.


Отрицательное предложение
Negative Sentences

Подлежащее Форма сказуемого Пример
I  am  not  Participle(I)    I am not reading now.
   I'm not reading now.
He/She/It  is  not  Participle(I)    He is not reading now.
   He isn't reading now.
   He's not reading now.

   She is not reading now.
   She isn't reading now.
   She's not reading now.

   It is not raining now.
   It isn't raining now.
   It's not raining now.
You are  not  Participle(I)    You are not reading now.
   You aren't reading now.
   You're not reading now.
We    We are not reading now.
   We aren't reading now.
   We're not reading now.
They    They are not reading now.
   They aren't reading now.
   They're not reading now.


Вопросительное предложение

Question Sentences

Первая часть сказуемого Подлежащее Вторая часть сказуемого Пример
Am I Participle(I)   Am I reading now?
Is he/she/it   Is he reading now?
  Is she reading now?

  Is it raining now?
Are you   Are you reading now?
we   Are we reading now?
they   Are they reading now?



Present Progressive примеры предложений

Действия, происходящие сейчас

We are having lunch.

We are not having lunch right now.

Are you having lunch right now?

They are singing very nicely.

The kids are sleeping.

Why are the kids sleeping?

Bella is playing the guitar and Andrew is listening to her.

What are Bella and Andrew doing?

Bella and Andrew are not playing golf.

Действия, которые находятся в процессе в настоящее время

(Не прямо в этот момент, а в настоящем.

Например: в эти дни, в этом месяце, в этом году)


We are moving to Packard Street this week.

Usually I work in an office, but this month I am traveling from place to place.

Julie is studying so hard because she has a lot of exams these days.

Patrick is leaving us, and somebody else will replace him.

She is having a lot of trouble with her divorce.

He is studying to become a dentist.

Jane is reading the book "War and Peace".

Действия, планируемые в недалёком будущем

I am meeting Robert this afternoon.

Are you coming with us to the party tonight?

When are you having lunch?

Patricia is returning later this week.

They are arranging a special dinner and they want us to come.

I am not watching the game this evening, I have homework.

He is not going to the party tonight.

Раздражающие повторяющиеся действия

She is always complaining about something.

They are constantly fighting.

John is always smoking.

You are always coming late!

It is always raining!



Present Progressive Story 1

Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing?

Now Janet is in her house. She is sitting on a wooden chair. She is holding a coat. She is fixing it.

James is Janet's husband. He is sitting in front of her. He is fixing clothes too.

Elizabeth is sitting next to James. She is Janet's sister. Right now she is helping Janet and James. They are working together. They are fixing clothes.

At this moment a man is coming in. He is wearing dark clothes. He is carrying a pile of clothes. They are all working very hard.


Present Progressive Story 2

Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing?

Right now, it is Monday morning. Mike and Tina are at home. They are sitting at a table. They are eating breakfast.

At this moment, Tina is drinking coffee. She is eating a pastry. She is sitting across the table from Mike. She is talking to Mike.

Mike is Tina's husband. He is sitting at the table with Tina. He is also drinking coffee. Mike is listening to Tina.

After breakfast, Mike and Tina are leaving for work. They work in the city. They are riding the bus to work.


Present Progressive Story 3

Who are they? Where are they? What are they doing?

Now the children are at school. Amy is sewing. She is practicing. She is sitting on a bench. She is sitting near Timmy.

Timmy is at school too. Timmy is studying. He is sitting behind his desk. He wishes he could play with the other children.

John and Susan are also at school. They are playing outside. They are picking flowers for their teacher. John is carrying his hat. Susan is wearing a bonnet.

At this moment, Sarah is walking by the door. She is helping the teacher.
She is carrying textbooks to the shelf.

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